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Prefect’s Message

ImageTo the residents of Halkidiki.

We live in a blessed area. A beautiful place with competent and creative people. A place, which makes the image of our country prettier all over the world.

We wish and we are able to improve our area. It is possible to have more things done in Halkidiki. We can improve the every day life of our residents and their service by all the offices and departments of the state. We can also improve the infrastructure which will upgrade the quality of our life and will form the base for greater financial growth for everyone, we can ensure equal opportunities for all the regions of our prefecture and we can support our tourism. In order to achieve all the above, everyone needs to work hard. We, who have been elected by you through democratic processes, are in the lead of this effort and we provide today our experience, our struggle and our sincere willingness to offer. We have immediate targets and ulterior purposes which will be implemented and bring Halkidiki to the standard we all expect. We ask for your support and participation in all the efforts we make. We never forget that every nice and good goal is achieved by co – operation and collective effort. The future of Halkidiki is everybodyʼs affair.

To the visitors of Halkidiki

I welcome you to a specially gifted by nature area, the place where born and we live, our Halkidiki. During your visit in our area you will have the chance to admire and enjoy the beautiful and diverse scenery, learn about our history from the ancient times to the present and come into contact with the people of Halkidiki who are ready to offer their service and facilities. Observing the present and visiting archaeological and historical sites, you will realize our rich history and culture. You will often find yourselves in celebrations and festivals that remind the life and works of our ancestors for whom we are proud of. You can visit both the coastal area of the Prefecture and the mountainous one. You can stay at the modern beach hotels or the traditional lodgings of the villages in the mountain and forests of Holomon. I wish you have an enjoyable stay in our land, which we respect, love and try to make better. We would like you to have similar feelings, both during your stay here and after your departure together with your memories.

The Prefect
Asterios Zografos